My 'day job' is computer repair. I've been around computers most of my life. They just come naturally to me. I never went to school for computer repair and to be honest I'm not even aware of any schools that teach what I do! But despite not being 'schooled', I've never met anyone else that could do my job. In 2000 I worked for Gateway selling their computers inside Office Max stores. While there I realized there was a tremendous need for an affordable, in-home computer service. After leaving Gateway after a horrible Christmas season, I started this business. I went looking through clipart looking for logo ideas and came across a picture of the escape key on a keyboard. Because Escape was the name of my Journey tribute band (which only recently had disbanded), it only seemed obvious to use it for my computer business, too.

Reliable, Honest, Professional.

Since 2001 I've helped over 1,000 clients.

I can probably count the number of truly unsatisfied clients that I've helped on one hand. Most of my clients are repeat customers. I seem to have a knack for explaining things using analogies or parables so the 'computer illiterate' can understand what's really going on inside that mysterious flashing box. I like teaching while I'm repairing. I like showing people simple things like using the mouse wheel and right-clicking just about anything to cut, copy, or paste (among many other things). I've been able to defeat every virus I've come across. I'm almost always able to recover data like pictures, music, and documents unless the hard drive is physically broken. I've even had to get out my father's old soldering iron to repair a few motherboards here and there!


 Getting a computer fixed shouldn't cost more than the value of the computer itself. You don't repair a totaled car. I don't have my own 'shop' or any other employees so I don't have the overhead costs that my competition has. My biggest overhead cost is gasoline. My rate is $50/hr and I charge by the half-hour with a one hour minimum. I've yet to hear of anyone more affordable that that. Plus, I save people even more money by telling them what NOT to spend money on. Nobody needs to spend money on antivirus software or AOL. Don't buy printer ink from HP or Dell. Don't buy a brand new Windows 8 PC from a retail store like Best Buy.


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