Young-Earth Creationism
Creationism is all the scientific evidence that ultimately proves that the God of the Bible created time, space, and matter, the earth, all plant life, the rest of the universe, all the animals, and then the first man Adam (in that order). It also focuses heavily on Noah's flood and how we see so many effects of it still today. It discusses how old everything really is which tends to really baffle some people. It's so difficult for someone today to believe that the Grand Canyon was actually formed only some 4,000 years ago and was probably formed over just a matter of weeks or months! Events that happened after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 gave a smaller scale example of exactly how it happened. Somehow that kind of information never makes the news or the textbooks.
Anyways, there's a lot to discuss on this topic alone, so let's see where I end up going...
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Simple as that. The first natural question is if you believe it or not. Does God even exist? If God doesn't exist, then God didn't create anything. If God does exist, then God created everything. That's logical, right? The only other possibility is the idea that God exists, but God didn't create anything which just doesn't make any sense at all, really. So the concept of atheism enters here. I was calling myself an atheist in my 20's because I grew up never learning anything about the Bible and I was taught that Darwinian evolution theory was actually proven fact. It's not.
Now, when I was confronted by a friend with a video tape about young-earth creationism, I laughed and literally said "I'm gonna pick this thing apart!" as if my 29 year old brain was going to see through all the mistakes of this dumb preacher. Well, I watched the first one and couldn't refute anything he said...
This is a shortened version. Click here to watch the rest of my shortened versions. The full 2+ hour versions are on YouTube, of course. The videos I watched were an older version of the ones above, but primarily the same info. It really intrigued me. I admit I disregarded all the Jesus stuff he talks about in the full versions, but the scientific discussion about the age of the earth really had me thinking. My friend brought me the next video tape and I proceeded to watch all seven tapes.
This was the info that really killed my atheistic beliefs. It was impossible not to believe that God the Creator does actually exist AND the entire planet was flooded not so long ago - just like the Bible says. I still wasn't on board with all the Jesus stuff yet, but this was still the beginning of my journey.
There's another huge creation ministry that I actually volunteer for called Answers In Genesis. Ken Ham is a wonderful speaker and truly a workhorse for God. Answers In Genesis is the ministry that built a museum near Cincinnati.
The next topic is Bible Codes.
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