I grew up as a drummer. In 1991 I had finally learned that I had a talent in singing that seemed to be above average in the karaoke bars. So I became interested in finding a band that needed a singer instead of playing drums. After auditioning for a few bands, I was hired by 'Heavens Reign' (ironically not a Christian band). We did some originals and a bunch of cover tunes including 'Stone In Love'. When that band broke up, the bass player suggested we start a Journey tribute since I sound like Steve Perry. Thank you, Randy! What a life-changing suggestion...
E5C4P3 first started in June of 1993. Randy and I from 'Heavens Reign' joined up with friends of his Al and Tony, and we begged Rob, lead singer of another band we knew, to play keys and rhythm guitar.  I became the biggest fan of Journey as I studied the music that I didn't already know. Then, strangely, I noticed an ad from a Journey tribute band looking for a keyboardist. I called to find out what their story was...and ended up replacing their singer (which effectively meant firing all four of the guys I'd been playing with. I felt bad but it was a necessary decision).
This brought in the Pennsylvania era of E5C4P3. Joe on guitar, Paul on bass, Rick on drums, and Todd on keys. Todd had recently disbanded a popular cover band called Bootleg. We played a lot of Pennsylvania and Ohio venues. Remember the Buffalo Lodge, guys? Check out our old demo recordings below!
After a while, Joe, Paul, Rick, and Todd had to leave the band for various reasons and the hunt was on. While we played a gig at Stage II in Brunswick, OH, Steve Beyeler and Scott Psota watched the show and asked me if I was interested in singing with their original project. These guys could play Dream Theater!
When I first jammed with these guys they were calling themselves 'Rapture'. We played 'Pull Me Under' by Dream Theater and the songs 'Escape' and 'Edge Of The Blade' by Journey. These are NOT hit songs and they played them better than any previous line up of E5C4P3 had ever played (sorry, guys). And I was hunting for pretty much a whole new band at the time! Steve joined first and did a few gigs and told the other guys how much fun he had. Then Scott Psota, Scott Dunn, and Kit wanted in, too. Boom...third new line up.
E5C4P3 has played all over the eastern United States. From New York City to Texas and Minnesota to Florida, favorites will always be The Toy Tiger in Louisville, KY, Club LaVela in Panama City Beach, FL, and of course The Odeon and Cleveland Cafe here in Cleveland.
The struggle of traveling every weekend took its toll on everyone over time. And the 'tribute band scene' didn't really become 'respectable' until the 2000's. Steve quit and Justin came in to replace him. Scott Dunn quit and was replaced by Shawn. Scott Psota likewise quit and was replaced by Carlito. The 6 year ride had been fun but it was certainly time for a break by the end. E5C4P3 had played its final show in September of 1999. UNTIL...E5C4P3 returned in 2008!
The current E5C4P3 now includes Steve Raz on guitar, Troy Sands on keys, Michael Scott Nelson on drums, and Paul Soos returning on bass. And now we're doing things right...

More E5C4P3 on YouTube.
Here's some old mp3's!!!
Lovin' You Is Easy - E5C4P3 1996
Roll With The Changes - '1996 Powerhitters' with E5C4P3
Original Demo Recordings! We've gotten a lot better over the years.
Any Way You Want It - E5C4P3 1993
Open Arms - E5C4P3 1993
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