Eclipse/Grand Illusion
After I became a Christian, I left the bar scene for a few years. After I moved into a house and got a drum set, I was told by former E5C4P3 bass player Paul Soos that the guitar player in his new band Eclipse used to 'be' Geddy Lee in the Rush tribute band called '2112' back in the 90's. I wanted to meet him just to jam for the fun of it.
Eclipse just had a falling out with their previous singer and were playing gigs without him by covering the lead vocals themselves. When I went to see them, they invited me to sing some Journey. They then informed me they had a gig coming up for which they needed a fill-in singer. The catch was that it was not an Eclipse gig, but a 'Grand Illusion - Tribute to Styx' gig! I discovered Styx in the 90's (thanks to former E5C4P3 guitarist Joe Paulsey) and knew all the albums. I was so impressed with the quality of the musicianship of all four of these guys that I was happy to become part of the team.
Eclipse broke up in Dec. 2009 for a while. That's when I decided to form Juke Box Heroes. When Eclipse decided to reunite I was happy to play more gigs with them. But getting bookings was a problem for 2010. When 2011 came around, Juke Box Heroes and The Sellouts filled up the calendar so much that it was difficult to find available dates to book Eclipse with my involvement. So they found another singer. I wish them well.
Fred Favetta - Fred plays keyboards. I also play keyboards. But unlike me Fred actually has dexterity. Fred is also one of the few keyboard players I know that actually knows how to program his keyboards. Most keyboard players are lucky to find a similar sounding patch on a single keyboard. Fred knows his gear and how to get it to do what he wants it to do. Fred is the reason Eclipse can pull of songs like 'Mr. Roboto' and 'Blinded By The Light'.
Gary Bunnell - Gary plays drums. I also play drums but I certainly can't do what Gary does. Gary can do things with his double bass drums that amazes me. He comes up with some interesting ideas. I really think he would have been great in an original band. Since November of 2008 when I first jammed with Eclipse, I think I counted 3 mistakes. I wasn't seriously counting...my point is he's solid. I can only hope I'll be that solid of a drummer someday for 2112.
Paul Soos - Paul plays bass. I also play bass (formerly with Sellouts). When Paul left, I thought I'd have to play bass until we found Nick. Paul was a solid bass player who learned the parts like the record and could naturally sing high harmonies. I say 'was' only because he moved away. He was doing those things for someone else down in Cincinnati and I was jealous :) But now he's back and playing in E5C4P3 and Juke Box Heroes with me! Welcome home, Paul!
Nick Kiraly - Nick plays bass. Now I don't have to! Nick also sings high harmonies. Nick also coincidentally comes from a competing Journey tribute band! What are the chances...? See how God provides? Nick has been a wonderful replacement after Paul moved.
George McGrew - George plays lead guitar. I DON'T play lead guitar. George has God-given talents that few musicians have: the ability to truly play by ear and the dexterity to make the instrument sing. I am honored to know him. George and I reformed his Rush tribute band 2112 with a guy from Tennessee!

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