Bible Encryptions
Also commonly known as 'Bible Codes', Bible Encryptions, as I prefer to call them, are one major reason why I believe in the Bible itself. It amazes me that God wrote a book over thousands of years that had something hidden in it for us computer users to eventually find! The statistical odds of this stuff happening merely by random chance is so astronomical it's absurd! There IS a point where statisticians will call something 'impossible'. This blows away the odds to such a degree that there's NO way God didn't write the Bible.
Chuck Missler teaches this stuff wonderfully. The following videos are just examples, but this stuff happens all through the Bible.
What about the New Testament?
See? This kind of info PROVES to me a supernatural design of the Bible. Maybe these few videos don't prove it to you. Fine. Read Grant Jeffrey's 300+ page book ' The Signature of God' and/or Chuck Missler's 500+ page book 'Cosmic Codes' and then reevaluate the odds.
Now add in the odds of the Bible's ability to tell the future.
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