Lakeland Community College Civic Band
Classical music is where it all began for me. My father was also a musician and played an organ at night while I was falling asleep. He'd play old standards like The Girl From Ipanema and a lot of classical stuff by Bach and Chopin and others. School band started in 5th grade and I played trumpet and got bored with it. The next year I started on drums and never looked back. All through school (including one year of college) I played all sorts of band material and I've played just about every percussion instrument you might think of. But the one instrument I've come to call my best would be timpani (aka kettle drums).
When I was in high school, I was asked to play in Lakeland Community College's Civic Band. I've been there ever since. Rehearsals are once a week during the school year and there's generally three Sunday concerts a year. The music can be very challenging and there's usually a decent amount of prep work and rehearsal to get ready for a concert. But, that's the way I like it :) I'm into setting up a big production.
So Lakeland is my classical music outlet and I will always cherish it.
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