Another project I became a part of, Sellouts, was my first opportunity to play bass guitar with someone else on lead vocals. Paul Ross is the singer in Sellouts and he's great! He's got the range and raspiness to be able to sing AC/DC and Led Zeppelin way better than I ever could. And he knows how to harmonize on his own, too. That's a talent few musicians seem to have. Jeff Harmon is the drummer and he's got the same harmony talents, too! He also sings lead (and even raps) on several songs. Oh yeah, and he's one of the best drummers I've ever played with (this coming from a fellow drummer). And then there's Rob Biglin. Rob was also part of Juke Box Heroes playing bass, but in this band he was the lead guitarist and he totally rocks! Rob helped me get Breakfast Club going back in 2001-2002. When the opportunities to work with him again came up it was a no-brainer decision. Oh yeah, and Rob can sing lead and harmonize, too! So if you're keeping score, that's 4 great singers, 1 great drummer, 1 great guitarist, and 1 (pretending to be great) bass player.
I'd been interested in finding a project to play bass in for a while and thought it might be Eclipse. Then I was asked to fill in on bass for these guys a couple times and we all had a blast. The show covers classic rock and modern rock from Black Sabbath to Lit. It's very reminiscent of the musical variety I covered in a band called The Cocktones back in 2000-2004. This is a band that can 'wing' just about anything. We've even played 'Like A Virgin'! When Rob moved back to Indiana, George McGrew (from Eclipse) played guitar and we did some awesome stuff completely unrehearsed. Ramble On will be a favorite memory.
And, of course, they made me sing a Journey song here and there...
Eventually, Juke Box Heroes got busier and the guy who they had filling in for me was given the job. But once in a while, I'll fill in for him now :)
Check out the Sellouts website.
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