My Christian Testimony - Atheist to Bible-believer
My 'testimony' is the story of how and why I became a Christian. It's ultimately not a short story. It took over 30 years to complete. I now have a YouTube version!
This is the really short version.
I grew up celebrating Christmas and Easter like everyone else I knew. That was the extent of my 'Christianity'. I also went to school where I was taught Darwinian evolution. Iwas eventually calling myself an atheist in my 20's.
A friend showed me a video seminar at age 29 and everything changed. The first thing that convinced me was Creationism. Atheism is scientifically impossible. So who was the real Creator then? My research showed me that Christianity is the only scientific possibility. Then I discovered Bible Codes and Fulfilled Prophecies. I believe any and all of these things PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is absolutely true. Take the time to investigate my claim. I promise you it's the Truth. I'm betting my life on it.
I prayed for Jesus Christ to save me in November 2003. Then the unprovable, invisible changes started happening which changed me into a different person. I am a Christian now because I know it's true intellectually, but more importantly, because I've felt all of its blessings spiritually since coming to Faith.
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